Ever wondered what brands sell certified Fairtrade products? Here you can find a list of companies registered with Fairtrade Canada to produce finished or intermediary goods. These companies hold a certification contract with Fairtrade Canada and their entire supply chain is monitored and audited from the producer until the final point of packaging.

  • A Licensee sells finished products under their brands with the FAIRTRADE Mark on the packaging. For example, a bag of roasted coffee, a chocolate bar, or a bunch of bananas.
  • A Trader imports or manufactures Fairtrade goods that go on to be used in finished products.
  • The location listed is where each company is based. Some brands are sold locally, while others can be found in stores across the country.
  • MVPs identify Fairtrade Canada’s Most Valuable Players who go above and beyond in their commitment to Fairtrade. These are companies that stand out for their embodiment of Fairtrade values, engagement with Fairtrade promotions, and proactive consumer education.

FairtradeSome companies produce products under private label for other brands. This means you will see even more brand names in stores using the FAIRTRADE Mark than are listed here. Not sure if a product you’ve found is certified or not? Contact us at to find out!

Product offerings vary by region and can change quickly.  Some brands certify only a portion of the products they produce, not their entire product range.  Always look for the FAIRTRADE Mark on product packaging as your indication of a certified product.


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Brand Category Website Company Name City Province FLO ID Status MVP
President's Choice Coffee Licensee
Earth's Choice Chocolate,Coffee Vancouver BC Licensee
Whistler Chocolate Chocolate Whistler BC Licensee
23 Degrees Roastery Coffee 23 Degrees Roastery Toronto ON 26122 Licensee
Tea A. Holliday & Company Inc. Toronto ON 05384 Trader
Cocoa ADM Agri-Industries Company Mississauga ON 32670 Trader
Bercy Foods Bananas,Produce Aliments Bercy Montreal QC 21032 Licensee
Ziggy's Cocoa / Hot Chocolate Alpha Health Products Burnaby BC 33001 Licensee
Alpha Wolf Coffee Alpha Wolf Coffee Brampton ON 35414 Licensee
Alter Eco Chocolate,Other Alter Eco America’s (Canada) San Francisco 03771 Licensee
Alternative Grounds Coffee Alternative Grounds Toronto ON 01212 Licensee MVP
Anhydra Dried Fruits Anhydra Drummondville QC 32698 Licensee
Aroma Specialty Coffee Coffee Aroma Specialty Coffee Roasters Quathiaski Cove BC 02807 Licensee
Tea Associated Brands LP Winona ON 06450 Licensee
Ateliers Bulles Cosmetics Ateliers Bulles St- Cuthbert QC 22020 Licensee
Cotton AYK International Anjou QC 37371 Licensee
Baden Coffee Company Coffee,Tea Baden Coffee Company Inc. Baden ON 01392 Licensee
Balzac's Coffee Coffee Balzac’s Coffee Ltd. Stoney Creek ON 01393 Licensee
Barry Callebaut Chocolate Barry Callebaut Canada St-Hyacinthe QC 02605 Trader
Bean Fair Coffee Bean Fair Wakefield QC 01214 Licensee MVP
Bean North Coffee Coffee Bean North Coffee Roasting Company Whitehorse YT 01213 Licensee
Belvas Chocolate Belvas Belgian Chocolate 5466 Licensee
Ben & Jerry's Frozen treats Ben & Jerry’s Burlington ON 22337 Licensee MVP
Best Gourmet Coffee Coffee Best Gourmet Coffee Wholesalers (2011) Ltd Maple Ridge BC 29586 Licensee
Brûlerie Café Aladdin Coffee Roastery Coffee Brûlerie Café Aladdin Coffee Roastery Gatineau QC 23536 Licensee
Brûlerie Des Cantons Coffee Brûlerie Des Cantons Warwick QC 01297 Licensee
Brûlerie Rousseau Coffee Brûlerie Rousseau Québec QC 02811 Licensee
Brazcanco Inc. Coffee Brazcanco Inc. Toronto ON 04183 Licensee
Bridgehead Cocoa / Hot Chocolate,Coffee,Tea Bridgehead (2000) Inc. Ottawa ON 00405 Licensee
Café Brossard Coffee,Tea Brossard Frères Inc Montreal QC 01313 Licensee
Brulerie 4.0 Coffee Brulerie 4.0 Windsor QC 31131 Licensee
Brulerie St-Denis Coffee Brulerie St-Denis Montreal QC 01399 Licensee
Totem Roasters Coffee Brûlerie Totem Roasters Inc. Vaudreuil-Dorion QC 36509 Licensee
Café Agga Coffee Café Agga V.I.P. Inc. Laval QC 01293 Licensee
Café Bar L'Abstracto Coffee Café Bar L’Abstracto Rouyn-Noranda QC 03246 Licensee
Café Barista Inc Coffee Café Barista Inc Montreal QC 05047 Licensee
Café Cambio Coffee Café Cambio Coopérative de travail Chicoutimi QC 03814 Licensee
Café des Artistes Coffee Café des Artistes Gaspé QC 01402 Licensee
Café La Brûlerie Coffee Café La Brûlerie Gatineau(Hull) QC 01403 Licensee
Café Mystique Coffee Café Mystique Coffee Inc Ville St-Laurent QC 01229 Licensee
Café Napoléon Inc. Coffee Café Napoléon Inc. Lasalle QC 01303 Licensee
Café Plantation Coffee Café Plantation Anjou QC 02814 Licensee
Café Rico Coffee Café Rico Montreal QC 01343 Licensee
Café Union Coffee Coffee Café Union Coffee Montreal QC 02815 Licensee
Café Vittoria Inc. Coffee Café Vittoria Inc. Sherbrooke QC 01329 Licensee
Coffee Cafés RGC Coffee Inc. Westmount QC 01265 Trader Coffee Sherbrooke QC 06504 Licensee
Caffe Cimo Inc Coffee Caffe Cimo Inc Saint-Leonard QC 33148 Licensee
Cocoa,Sugar Cambrian Solutions Oakville ON 05801 Trader
Camellia Sinensis Tea Camellia Sinensis Montreal QC 00402 Licensee
Canterbury Coffee Corporation Coffee Canterbury Coffee Corporation Richmond BC 01405 Licensee
Casa del Caffé Coffee Casa del Caffé Vancouver BC 02818 Licensee
Coffee Cascade Coffee Inc 04450 Licensee
Cavalier Chocolate Cavalier Belgian Chocolatier 27319 Licensee
Organic Garden Tea Ceylon Organics Ajax ON 02875 Licensee
Chicken Creek Coffee Company Coffee Chicken Creek Coffee Company Smithers BC 19263 Licensee
Chilean Wine House Ltd. Wine Chilean Wine House Ltd. Surrey BC 05599 Licensee
Chocomotive Chocolate Chocomotive Montebello QC 22027 Licensee
Rolling Hills, Korakundah, Chamraj Tea Cindias International Whitby ON 31130 Licensee
Classic Gourmet Coffee Coffee Classic Gourmet Coffee Concord ON 03576 Licensee
Clementine Café-Deli Coffee Clementine Café-Deli Moncton NB 33595 Licensee
Club Coffee LP Coffee Club Coffee LP Rexdale ON 18463 Licensee
Coffee Tree Roastery Coffee Coffee Tree Roastery Toronto ON 02820 Licensee
Coffeecology Inc. Coffee Coffeecology Inc. Dundas ON 28054 Licensee
Coffeemark Coffee & Tea Services Limited Coffee Coffeemark Coffee & Tea Services Limited Ottawa ON 01230 Licensee
Colonial Coffee Coffee Colonial Coffee Windsor ON 05219 Licensee
Concept chocolat Chocolate Concept Chocolat Lasalle QC 28664 Licensee
Concept Eco Plein Air Le Baluchon Inc. Coffee Concept Eco Plein Air Le Baluchon Inc. Saint-Paulin QC 22003 Licensee
Cordoba Coffee Coffee Cordoba Coffee Ltd Rexdale ON 03018 Licensee
County Roasters Inc Coffee County Roasters Inc Picton ON 26711 Licensee
Coutts & Company Coffeehouse Coffee Coutts & Company Coffeehouse Emporium Perth ON 05935 Licensee
Creemore Coffee Company Coffee Creemore Coffee Company Creemore ON 02840 Licensee
Handmade Organic Delight Chocolate Delight Toronto ON 05970 Licensee
DeLuca Specialty Foods Coffee DeLuca Specialty Foods Cooking School and Restaurant Ltd. Winnipeg MB 33163 Licensee
Diesel House Coffee Roasters Coffee Diesel House Coffee Roasters Bracebridge ON 25409 Licensee
Discovery Organics Bananas,Produce Discovery Islands Organics Ltd Vancouver BC 19721 Licensee MVP
Divine Chocolate Divine Chocolate Limited 20682 Licensee
Tea Divine Specialty Teas Company Ltd Surrey BC 29878 Licensee
Doi Chaang Coffee Doi Chaang Coffee Company Inc. Vancouver BC 20550 Trader
Douceur de Géraldine Cosmetics Douceur de Géraldine St-Hubert QC 19749 Licensee
Doug Reichel Wine Marketing Inc. Wine Doug Reichel Wine Marketing Inc. Moose Jaw SK 22703 Licensee
Earth's General Store Coffee Earth’s General Store Edmonton AB 04804 Licensee MVP
En'tyce Cosmetics En’tyce Toronto ON 32856 Licensee
Endangered Species Chocolate Endangered Species Chocolate, LLC. 30941 Licensee
EnVent Inc. Coffee EnVent Inc. Kemptville ON 01395 Licensee
Equator Coffee Roasters Inc. Coffee Equator Coffee Roasters Inc. Almonte ON 01219 Licensee
Équifruit Bananas,Produce Equifruit Drummondville QC 05157 Licensee MVP
Espanola Coffee Roasters Coffee Espanola Coffee Roasters Espanola ON 37248 Licensee
Ethical Bean Coffee Ethical Bean Coffee Company Vancouver BC 02826 Licensee MVP
New World, Everland Cocoa / Hot Chocolate Everland Natural Foods Inc. Burnaby BC 29255 Licensee
Everyday Gourmet Coffee Roasters Coffee Everyday Gourmet Coffee Roasters Toronto ON 01413 Licensee
Explorers Blend Coffee Explorers Fine Coffee Corporation Bowmanville ON 37356 Licensee
Fair Trade Jewellery Co. Gold Fair Trade Jewellery Company Ltd. Toronto ON 26322 Licensee
Fernwood Coffee Co. Coffee Fernwood Coffee Co. Victoria BC 18958 Licensee
Fire Roasted Coffee Coffee Fire Roasted Coffee London ON 18948 Licensee
Florists Supply Flowers Florists Supply Ltd Winnipeg MB 20188 Licensee MVP
Forbidden Flavours Roastery Coffee Forbidden Flavours Roastery Brandon MB 26840 Licensee
Fratello Coffee Co. Coffee Fratello Coffee Co. Calgary AB 01411 Licensee
Full Steam Coffee Company Coffee Full Steam Coffee Company Guysborough NS 28327 Licensee
Galerie au Chocolat, Jelina Chocolatier Chocolate Galerie Au Chocolat / Jelina Chocolatier Montreal QC 05434 Licensee
Garden To Cup Organics Tea Garden To Cup Organics Richmond BC 37361 Licensee
GEMINIS Produce GEMINIS International Trade Inc Delson QC 32447 Licensee
Barkleys Chocolate Green Chocolate Works Ltd Coquitlam BC 37007 Licensee
Green Living Organics (GLO) Cotton Green Living Organics Inc. Toronto ON 19996 Licensee
Rolling Meadow Chocolate Milk Greenspace Brands Toronto ON 35820 Licensee
Nuterra Granola Cereals H. & J. BRÜGGEN KG 24117 Licensee
Wild Boar Chocolate Hagensborg Chocolates Ltd. Burnaby BC 34234 Licensee
hatch Coffee Hatch Beverage Company Markham ON 35944 Licensee
Heritage Coffee Coffee Heritage Coffee London ON 02232 Licensee
Highland Farms Inc Coffee Highland Farms Inc Mississauga ON 22025 Licensee
House of Mandela Wine House of Mandela 31918 Licensee
Sugar International Sugars Inc. Woodbridge ON 02906 Trader
Ironwood Coffee Coffee Ironwood Coffee Company Georgian Bluffs ON Licensee
Island Chocolate Truffle Chocolate Island Chocolate Truffle Co. Salt Spring Island BC 22016 Licensee
Peter Piper Pepper Herbs & Spices,Other Jared Pacific Inc. Mississauga ON 27865 Licensee
Java Works Coffee Coffee Java Works Coffee Inc Mississauga ON 19187 Licensee
JJ Bean Coffee Roasters Coffee JJ Bean Inc Vancouver BC 01417 Licensee
Jumping Bean Coffee Coffee Jumping Bean Coffee St John NL 04805 Licensee
Just Us! Cocoa / Hot Chocolate,Coffee,Tea Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op Wolfville NS 01103 Licensee
Clipper Tea Kallo Foods Ltd 387 Licensee
Karité Delapointe Cosmetics Karité Delapointe Bury QC 18879 Licensee MVP
Coffee Ken Gabbay Coffee LTD. Montreal QC 01264 Trader
Coffee Kencaf Importing & Distributing Inc. Markham ON 01418 Trader
Keurig Canada Coffee Keurig Canada (formerly GMCR Canada Holdings Inc) Montreal QC 01331 Licensee
Kicking Horse Coffee Coffee Kicking Horse Coffee Invermere BC 01215 Licensee MVP
Cocoa / Hot Chocolate,Sugar Kingsmill Foods Toronto ON 20026 Licensee
Kitimai Tea Kitimai Tea & Coffee Downsview ON 03577 Licensee
L'Armorique Inc Coffee L’Armorique Inc Val d'Or QC 05044 Licensee
La Brûlerie d'Ici Coffee La Brûlerie d’Ici Rimouski QC 01305 Licensee
La Brulerie de Café de Québec Coffee La Brulerie de Café de Québec (depuis 1982) Sherbrooke QC 01301 Licensee
La Brulerie de l'Atlantique Coffee La Brulerie de l’Atlantique Matane QC 26606 Licensee
La Choppe à Café Coffee La Choppe à Café St-Jérome QC 26559 Licensee
La Compagnie des Mers du Sud Inc. Coffee La Compagnie des Mers du Sud Inc. Montreal QC 01420 Licensee
La Confiserie de Wakefield Chocolate La Confiserie de Wakefield Wakefield QC 26025 Licensee
La Riojana Wine La Riojana Coop 3657 Licensee
Camino Chocolate,Cocoa / Hot Chocolate,Coconut,Sugar La Siembra Co-operative Ottawa ON 01421 Licensee
La Societe de Torréfaction de Café Coffee La Societe de Torréfaction de Café Blainville QC 04103 Licensee
Lantic Sugar Lantic Inc. Montreal QC 30422 Licensee
Laughing Whale Coffee Roasters Coffee Laughing Whale Coffee Roasters Lunenburg NS 06411 Licensee
Le Caféier - Boustifo Coffee Le Caféier – Boustifo Ville-Marie QC 26561 Licensee
Le Cafétier Plus Inc. Coffee Le Cafétier Plus Inc. Mont Tremblant QC 26346 Licensee
Le Torréfacteur de Terrebonne Inc. Coffee Le Torréfacteur de Terrebonne Inc. Lachenaie QC 05536 Licensee
Les Aliments Merci Sugar Les Aliments Merci Montreal-Nord QC 34156 Licensee
Coffee Les Services Adaptes Transit Montreal QC 04519 Licensee
Longo Brother Fruit Market Inc. Coffee Longo Brother Fruit Market Inc. Vaughan ON 22030 Licensee
Los Beans Coffee Los Beans Delta BC 33440 Licensee
M68 Mercantile Inc. DBA Caffe Umbria Canada Coffee M68 Mercantile Inc. DBA Caffe Umbria Canada Vancouver BC 34502 Licensee
Manchester Coffee Coffee Manchester Coffee Hamilton ON 34730 Licensee
Max Voets Coffee Roasting Ltd Coffee Max Voets Coffee Roasting Ltd Vernon BC 18178 Licensee
Melitta Canada Inc. Coffee Melitta Canada Inc. Toronto ON 21365 Licensee
Mercedes Beans & Model Teas Coffee Mercedes Beans & Model Teas Hazelton BC 04104 Licensee
Merchants of Green Coffee Coffee Merchants of Green Coffee Toronto ON 01423 Licensee
Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters Coffee Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters Whitehorse YT 01425 Licensee
Milano Coffee Ltd Coffee Milano Coffee Ltd Vancouver BC 27149 Licensee
Mochaberry Coffee & Company Ltd Coffee Mochaberry Coffee & Company Ltd Orangeville ON 28611 Licensee
Moja Coffee Coffee Moja Coffee North Vancouver BC 03815 Licensee
Green & Black's Chocolate,Cocoa / Hot Chocolate Mondelez Canada Inc. Mississauga ON 22159 Licensee
Cadbury Chocolate Mondelez Canada Inc. Mississauga ON 22159 Licensee
Mongozo Other Mongozo 1291 Licensee
Montana Coffee & Tea Services Coffee Montana Coffee & Tea Services Ottawa ON 01312 Licensee
Moonbean Coffee Company Coffee Moonbean Coffee Company Toronto ON 01306 Licensee
Mother Parker's Tea & Coffee Inc. Coffee,Tea Mother Parker’s Tea & Coffee Inc. Mississauga ON 03191 Licensee
Coffee Mountain Coffee Ltd Delta BC 28767 Trader
Coffee MRT Food Specialists Toronto ON 03556 Trader
Muldoons' Own Authentic Coffee Coffee Muldoons’ Own Authentic Coffee Mississauga ON 04203 Licensee
Coffee N.J. DOUEK / UNIGLOBE COFFEE Montreal QC 01292 Trader
Nador Inc. Coffee Nador Inc. Vanier QC 01309 Licensee
Cocoa NATRA Chocolate America London ON 35114 Trader
Nature's Path Cereals Nature’s Path Foods Inc. Richmond BC 28941 Licensee
Nharo Cosmetics Nharo African Arts and Crafts Inc. Etobicoke ON 26457 Licensee
Northland Floral Flowers Northland Floral St. Catherines ON 19594 Licensee
Nourcy Cocoa / Hot Chocolate Nourcy Québec QC 34186 Licensee
Tega Tea Nu-Tea Company Ltd. Abbotsford BC 26378 Licensee
Numi Tea Numi Inc. (Canada) Oakland CA 04415 Licensee
O.N.E. Wines and Spirits Wine O.N.E. Wines and Spirits Vaudreuil QC 27163 Licensee
Oasis Bags Cotton Oasis Bags Vaudreuil, Dorion QC 26899 Licensee
Old Rock Roasting Company Coffee Old Rock Roasting Company Sudbury ON 05048 Licensee
Olivia Chocolate Olivia Chocolatiers Gatineau QC 27480 Licensee
OMG's Candy Chocolate OMG’s Candy Winnipeg MB 34457 Licensee
Oughtred Coffee & Tea Coffee Oughtred Coffee & Tea Victoria BC 23670 Licensee
Patera Coffee Patera Group Inc Toronto ON 35578 Licensee
Petite Brulerie de Trois-Rivieres Coffee Petite Brulerie de Trois-Rivieres Trois-Rivieres QC 27233 Licensee
Planet Bean Coffee Planet Bean Guelph ON 01218 Licensee
Pluck Tea Pluck Tea Inc. Toronto ON 35656 Licensee
Prana Chocolate Prana Biovegan Inc. Montreal QC 19195 Licensee
Pukka Tea Pukka Herbs 23504 Licensee
Racer Café - Café de course Coffee Racer Café Maricourt QC 37026 Licensee
Sugar Redpath Sugars Ltd. Toronto ON 28421 Trader
Remarkable Bean Coffee Remarkable Bean Toronto ON 22006 Licensee
Reunion Island Coffee Ltd. Coffee Reunion Island Coffee Ltd. Oakville ON 01317 Licensee
Rochef Chocolate Rochef Chocolatier Gatineau QC 27148 Licensee
Ross Chocolates Chocolate Ross Chocolates Port Coquitlam BC 36796 Licensee
Rubaiyat Wines and Spirit Merchants Wine Rubaiyat Wines and Spirit Merchants Toronto ON 20230 Licensee
Cha's Organics Coconut,Herbs & Spices,Tea Sahana Ayurvedic Products Inc. Westmount QC 19995 Licensee
Salt Spring Coffee Co. Coffee Salt Spring Coffee Co. Richmond BC 01217 Licensee
Settlement Co. Coffee Settlement Co. Waterloo ON 37133 Licensee
Shuswap Coffee Company ltd Coffee Shuswap Coffee Company ltd Salmon Arm BC 18131 Licensee
Sugar SIGA-AN Imports LTD. Burnaby BC 28725 Licensee
Sissiboo Coffee Roaster Coffee Sissiboo Coffee Roaster Bear River NS 25115 Licensee
VOLO Athletics Sports Balls Social Conscience Company Vancouver BC 25557 Licensee
Sodexo Canada Coffee Sodexo Canada (Brock University) St. Catharines ON 27462 Licensee
Herbs & Spices,Tea Spire Tea Inc. Toronto ON 30530 Trader
St. Joseph Island Coffee Coffee St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters Richards Landing ON 22717 Licensee
Strait Coffee Ltd. Coffee Strait Coffee Ltd. Sechelt BC 01227 Licensee
Sudcafé Coffee Sudcafé St-Michel-de-Bellechasse QC 03931 Licensee
Sweet Leaf Bath Co. Cosmetics Sweet Leaf Bath Co. St. Mary's ON 22861 Licensee
Coffee Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Co. Inc. Burnaby BC 02604 Trader
teaBOT Tea TBOT Inc Toronto ON 37279 Licensee
Herbs & Spices,Tea Tea Affair Calgary AB 02285 Trader
Teagosa Coffee Tegosa Incorporated Maple Ridge BC 34818 Licensee
Cool Hemp Frozen treats The Cool Hemp Company Hudson QC 01432 Licensee
The Green Campus Co-op Cotton The Green Campus Co-op Toronto ON 35051 Licensee
Time Out Products Tea Time Out Products Inc Montreal QC 05472 Licensee
Traditional Medicinals Tea Traditional Medicinals (Canada) Sebastopol CA 03072 Licensee
Four O'Clock Tea Trans-Herbe Inc St. Bruno QC 02333 Licensee
Tübify Frozen treats Tubify Foods Inc. Vancouver BC 34992 Licensee
Turbana Bananas,Produce Turbana Corporation (Canada) Coral Gables 03253 Licensee
Umano Cocoa / Hot Chocolate,Coconut,Coffee,Dried Fruits,Herbs & Spices,Sugar,Tea Umano Sherbrooke QC 31374 Licensee
Frisky Zebras Wine United Nations of Wine 28955 Licensee
Valrhona Chocolate Valrhona Inc. 5424 Licensee
Theobroma Chocolate Vigneault Chocolatier Ltée Québec QC 20551 Licensee
Vince's Market Coffee Vince’s Market Sharon ON 32909 Licensee
Westbrook Floral Flowers Westbrook Floral Ltd Grimsby ON 29284 Licensee
YSC Fair World Sports Sports Balls YSC Fair World Sports Ottawa ON 02530 Licensee
Nourish Tea Tea Zast Foods Tea Toronto ON 18640 Licensee